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Ministerial Ethics

The confidential statements made to a minister by his/her parishioners are privileged and should never be divulged without the consent of those making them.

It is unethical for a minister to interfere directly or indirectly with the parish work of another minister.

Except in emergencies, ministerial service should not be rendered to the members of another parish without consulting the minister of the parish.

It is unethical for a minister to make overtures to or consider overtures from a church whose pastor has not yet resigned unless there is a general understanding among the ministers.

It is unethical for a minister to use sermon material prepared by another, without acknowledging the source from which it came.

The minister is not under obligations to marry every couple that comes to him/her to be married. The power of refusal, however, should be exercised with great discretion.

It is unethical for a minister to speak ill of the character or work of another minister, especially of his/her predecessor or successor. In case of unethical conduct of serious nature, the matter should be reported to the proper body.

As members of the same profession and brothers in the service of the same God, the relation between ministers should be one of the frankness and cooperation.

It is unethical for a minister to proselyte among the members of another church.

A person excluded from the fellowship of one church should not be received into the fellowship of another church without a careful investigation.

A person who moves his/her membership to another church of the same faith within a city or county should be required to present a letter.

Standards of Ordination of the GBSC Of NC Calvin Columbus Craig, Jr., November 1974

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