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History of United Shiloh Baptist Association

Extracted from A History of Negro Baptist In North Carolina:

A History of the Negro Baptists of North Carolina:
Electronic Edition.

Whitted, J. A., b. 1860


The Shiloh Association was one of the first organized in the State, and one of the first to undertake the secondary school project. Rev. Isaac Alston was for many years its Moderator; M. F. Thornton, a prominent layman of the First Church of Warrenton, its Clerk. The growth of this Association soon placed it among the leading associations for the colored Baptists of the State. After years of progress it began to wane, the Middle Association being the first to pull away, and in its annual session of 1908 a part of the Association met in Ridgeway and the other part in Henderson. Through strenuous efforts the property purchased in Warrenton for school purposes was paid for at an original cost of six thousand dollars, but as a long standing debt amounted to eight thousand.

According to its strength and opportunity the Association did but little for missions proper, but devoted its energy to the school at Warrenton. For several years this school was the pride of the Baptists of the State, but there arose differences in the management which were never healed, and hence the usefulness of the work was greatly hindered. While the Association had many noble and able men in its ranks these differences which we have mentioned kept them from doing what they might have done.


Shiloh Institute at Warrenton, N. C., was the third in the list of the secondary schools. This school was established in 1885 by the Shiloh Baptist Association. The Plummer residence, containing eight acres of land, was purchased for this purpose. This place was beautifully situated within the corporate limits of Warrenton, N. C., and offered every facility for such an undertaking.

Taking the name of the Warrenton High School and conducted in that name for several years, it was afterward changed to Shiloh Institute, in honor of the Shiloh Association. During the first years of the existence of the school it was the strongest school of its kind in the State. Within twelve years after its establishment, in 1885, there were sent out one hundred and twenty-five teachers, in Warren and other counties of the State, besides several ministers of the gospel, who did much good along the line of the ministry.

After the property of this school was secured gradual improvements were made, and in 1906 it was valued at seven thousand dollars. Changes in the management of the school, and divisions in the Association, caused a decline in the school, and many who had patronized it turned to other similar schools scattered over the State.


The “New”United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association continues in the legacy of training and educational excellence established by its predecessors.  

Our “Objective”, like our forefathers before us, is to “Preach Teach Train and Reach.” We can do no less to honor the memory of our great ancestors. They established a standard of scholarship far exceeding those with greater resources.  We walk in their light, and stand on their shoulders, as we go forward into the future.

The “New” United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Assoc.

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United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association
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