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1. A candidate for ordination may approach the pastor of his/her church with a request to be ordained The matter of ordination is then preseated to the church for approval

2. Upon the approval by the church, the ordination council is notified by the clerk of the church to examine the candidate as to his/her fitness for ordination.

(a) The Church must send a letter to the Chairman of the Ordaining Council with copies to the Secretaiy of the Association and the President of the Church Union.

(b) When the Chairman of the Ordaining Council receives this letter from the church, he/she must notify all members of the Ordaining Council immediately.

3. The ordination council should be given sufficient time (30 days prior to the examination date) to ascertain the qualification of the candidate. The time for the ordination service should be considered after the report form die ordination council has been received. The church should never assume that the council will approve the candidate.

4. When the ordination council meets, the procedures for examining should be understood by all members of the council. The council will organize itself by selecting a chairman, secretary, and a person who will lead in the examination of the candidate, with other members participating as they see fit.

5. The examination of the candidate should include an evaluation of the following:

a. The candidate’s statement of his conversion, his call to preach, and his Christian experience in general.

b. His/her doctrinal views on the Bible as God’s revelation.

c. His/her views concerning the church

d. His/her knowledge of the Bible and of denominational history and practice.

e. His/her personal attitudes toward the church, the denomination, and the kingdom of God in general.

f. His/her acquaintance with contemporary thought and affairs.

g. The candidate’s skills in preaching, teaching and pastoral ministries.

h. His/her ability to relate to other persons in teamwork and life relationships.

i. His/her evangelistic and missionary commitments, j. His/her theoty and practice to stewardship.

k. His/her attitude toward his community and other denominations.

1. His/her commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in his own life.

The examination should be kept on a high level and deal with basic Christian doctrines and attitudes, and should never degenerate into a debate between individuals on the council concerning nonessential or speculative matters.

The recommendation of the Ordaining Council should only be read in the report at the Association setting and its auxiliaries. A candidate will not be told of the council’s decision prior to the reading of the decision in the session.

Ordination Procedures for the Ministry

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