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United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association

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Evolution Design Concepts • Macon NC

Welcome to the new United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association Website.  This New Website is an historic development and a milestone in our growth and development.

This new website marks a new more efficient and flexible way of communicating with our members. Our website will give us the means to provide more services to our members and at a lower cost.

By constructing and launching this website, we have increased our ability to service our membership by making additional training materials,  and downloadable information available to our membership  24 hours a day 7 days a week.  


Rev. Carson Jones, Jr., Moderator, United Shiloh Baptist Association

This website is  designed from the ground up to be information packed, user friendly, interactive, and responsive to our member’s need to have more up to date information concerning the activities of the United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association more readily available.

As mentioned on our home page the Mission of the USMBA is to “Preach, Teach, Train, and Reach.”  Our new website will serve all of those objectives:

In addition, throughout this website we will take every opportunity to promote the activities of each member church.  This will be achieved by highlighting each member church through their website.  We will also list a monthly calendar event of each member church on this United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association Website.

Thank you for visiting

The United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association Website.

Welcome to the United Shiloh Baptist Association Website